API Endpoint to Refresh Domo Connector

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I've come across this and seen others discuss how it isn't available but didn't find an idea suggestion so posting it.



  • It would be useful to have the ability via the Domo API to trigger a Domo Connector to update the dataset, basically the same action as being a Domo admin, going to the dataset and performing a manual refresh.



  • I have a connection with Jira and have it set to update a dataset every hour. I have a user who uses a Domo card that shows Jira data in a weekly meeting that happens at a scheduled time. Sometimes the data in Jira gets updated last minute before the meeting and short of asking me personally to manually refresh it they have no way to get that last minute information in Domo prior to the meeting so the updates don't get discussed.
  • If their was an API endpoint to pass a datasetid to and Domo would refresh it I could make some webpage on our internal site that allows the user to press a button to kick of a refresh since they aren't an admin.

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