Scheduling a Workbench Job which is event driven

Hi, I am a begginer when it comes to DOMO. I have a problem for which I want your ideas/solution.

I want schedule workbench job to run on the basis of an SQL Query result, is there any way by which I can handle the particular use case in the Workbench. Currently I see that we can schedule a workbench job manually or in a particular time.


  • You can run Workbench from the command line SEE HERE. So a solution for you would probably be to create some sort of script (command line, powershell, etc) which gets some result from the SQL Query and IF it meets your criteria then it would run the command via command line interface.


    So on the Domo end you're just executing a command to run a workbench job via the command line, the connection to SQL and the logic behind when to execute the command would be on you to do, in whatever means you want.


    I'm not a workbench expert but I don't believe you can do this in it natively, something like what I described above I believe would work.

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