Google Analytics data missing for certain dates


I have built a custom report using the Google Analytics connector, and currently a sizable chunk of my data is not available past a certain date. I have the report set to pull data from the past 90 days, but data for the last ~30 days or so is not available. When I check my Google Analytics account, all of the data is present up to today. I have double checked my report and everything appears to be set up correctly. Any ideas?




  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey user08729,

    When it comes to Google Analytics mismatches, I would recommend using Google's Query Explorer here:



    You can plug in the same details that your dataset contains, and make a side by side comparison from an API call level. If you're seeing differences there, then contact your Domo account team for more insight. If the values match, then the comparison has differences which will need to be fixed.