Legends, Color Schemes don't change when filters are applied.

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Currently 2 features of Domo visualizations are becoming increasingly frustrating for me.


The first is that unless you use hard color rules, a visualization's colors will change as a filter is applied. So if say, cohort A is blue and cohort B is green, the moment I use a filter to look at B speceifically, it turns blue. This is incredibly confusing for our users. Particularly when they're not even going into a card but are using the interactive slicers in a dashboard to filter multiple cards at once.


Secondly, and this dovetails with the first is that the Legends on cards disappear once the filter is applied! So now the color has changed and you have no idea what the card is even showing because the legend has disappeared. 


I have a card that is broken out by business line adoption for our clients. Our clients are broken out into specific cohorts. Personally I know that this cohort only uses the business line that is signified by dark blue in the "No Filters" screen shot. But when the filter is applied, the legend disappears and the color changes to the lighter blue color which was signifying a completely different business line. I'm fine with the color changing even if the legend was still present!

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