JSON Pagination Issue


Hi all,


I am attempting to connect a JSON data source via the JSON custom connector, and am having some trouble with the pagniation. The key for the next page is in the data, so I have selected "Get next page token from results," and then "Add as a parameter," which is how I get these results in other applications. When I test the pagination on the Settings page, the test is successful. But when I try to run the data set, I get the following error:

"Domo is ready, but there was an error parsing an expected JSON response from the API. Please check that the API is returning the expected data"


Is this due to an issue with the pagination? If I remove the pagination, and just run the first 100 lines, the data set runs. Also, I am able to run the data set in other applications using the same URL. 


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey user05651,

    If you are running pagination successfully within the preview/alternate applications, while receiving this error when running your custom dataset, I would recommend reaching out to your Domo account team for additional insight on your build. 


    Since the Settings preview is succesful, I would also expect the dataset run result to show the same.



  • user048751

    Hey @clahontaAny luck figuring this out? I'm running into a similar issue.