MySQL mapping fields to columns


I have a MySQL dataflow that contains all the metrics for our sales reps (new customers, pipeline, leads, etc.) from 8 different sources. 


I need to remove all the sales reps who are inactive/terminated, and I already have this field (Roster Status) available in one of the data sources (the Roster data). 


How can I remove the terminated sales reps but not affect the currently active sales reps' data?


Currently, when I try to use the "Roster Status" field as a filter, it zeroes out all the lead/customer/pipeline data (see the attached picture). I'm guessing since the Roster Status field doesn't (and cannot) exist in those indivudal data sets. 


I assume there's a step I need to do on the SQL dataflow.


  • ST_-Superman-_

    To answer this question, we would probably need to see the Select statement you are using to join your data together. Mind sharing?

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