BOX import assigns column schema as number, causing leading zeros to drop, cannot add back


I've connected a number of CSV files via the BOX connector.  There are a few columns that may have data with leading zeros.  The box connector is automatically assigning the schema for these columns as number, which drops the zeros.  The data is not patterned in a way that would allow me to add the zeros back in by padding the text after the import (the string length varies, so it's impossible to know if a zero was dropped). 


Is there a way to force the BOX connector to import the CSV file column as a text field rather than a number (even though all the elements in the column are numbers)? 


  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee


    The connector will recognize empty spaces as text so you could try adding trailing or leading spaces.

  • user01017

    Unfortunately - these csv files are overwritten regularly, so editing them each time with a space would be time consuming.   


    I would really like to approach a solution that doesn't require manual edits to the CSV file.   


    Is this a limitation of the CSV import tool with BOX?