Connecting Tealium Event Stream with DOMO




My name is Daniel from Luceit.


I just want to connect Tealium Event Stream with DOMO in real time, so I had tought to use the Tealium Event Stream connector Webhook, that uses Oauth2.0, but I have two big problems.


I don´t know how to make the exact call to retrieve the token from Tealium Event Stream, curl call is on the documentation but I need help with this request:*****************&state=redirect_uri=**************::token_url=


Anyone can help me?


Thank you very much!


  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee


    This sounds like something you will need to receive from Tealium. Have you reached out to them about this?

  • user11463

    Thank you very much for your answer but now I want to send JSON information to Webhook DOMO but it answers a CORS problem.


    Do anybody has done a POST to a webhook on DOMO from Javascript?

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