Creating a new data connector for Sizmek


dkuchta_sandbox where I am needing to do a post request versus a get request. attached is the sample code. I am also getting this 400 error  "Domo encountered an internal error proxying your request." I am also a little annoyed as I reached out to support team and told me to just look at the documention which was not very helpful. I can establish the connection on Postman and have verified with Livevox that the connection is able to be opened. Thank you.


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey SLCDE_builder,

    If you are able to successfully establish a connection via Postman, then it sounds like something may be blocking your access to the Domo instance. I would recommend speaking with your IT department to make sure there isn't anything set in place within the network that could cause this error to appear.



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