Error "Unable to update to DataSet" in MySQL DataFlow


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I have problem while executing MySQL Dataflow that always failed, the message error is only "Unable to update to DataSet". Can anyone please help or share, whether you have the same issue ? 


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Here is the capture

Based on history, try to re-reun 3 times and always failedBased on history, try to re-reun 3 times and always failedError Message on MySQL DataFlowError Message on MySQL DataFlow


  • cwolman
    cwolman Contributor

    It is hard to see but it appears that all of your transforms are outputting 0 rows.  Do you expect 0 rows?

  • Godiepi

    This might be very silly but did you select "Table" when adding transformations in MySQL ?


    if you selected 'SQL' , it does not generate rows 


    Screen Shot 04-04-19 at 02.08 PM.PNG


    Your transformations should  have an icon that looks like a table for the SQL to generate rows that you can then create an output dataset from

    , if they instead show with an icon with the "SQL" word , then you might have chosen the wrong type of transformation

    Screen Shot 04-04-19 at 02.12 PM.PNG

    Domo Arigato!

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  • user17608


    In the transform there are only contains alter table to add index. 


  • user17608


    I just re-run again my DataFlow without any changes, but now suddenly working well ... Lol.

    Thanks guys for sharing ...