Benchmarking leads against an average


I have a dataset that aggregates all contact us form submissions submitted within my website for all of Australia. 

I've got DOMO setup already showing me cards with breakdowns on the number of leads by state, store size, and individual store which are great, but the sales team want more (of course). 


I need to be able to show on a card the number of leads for a store and the average for the state or average for the store size (my dataset includes for every lead the store name, store size and state). 


I was able to make a beastmode calculation to get the average based on the data that was visible in the card, but when I applied a filter to show a specific store to show the stores leads, my calculation obviously filtered along with it. 


Is there a way to have a beastmode calculation ignore the filters or is there a better way of doing what I'm looking for?


  • ST_-Superman-_

    You will need to create your averages in a data flow. The calculated fields only have visibility to one “row” of data that is in your card at a time.  


    Let me know if you want help with the data transforms. 


    Some things to to think about... do you want to see a set average per year, or quarter, etc.?


    do you want to be able to track lead trends (i.e. track both an individual stores lead production as well as the average lead performance by state or store size)?


    if you are performing the calculations in the data flow, you will have less options to adjust them on the fly. 



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  • andrewburkett



    It would need to be a rolling average for the calendar year, If I need to compare it to the previous year based on the same date, that will be a future me problem to deal with. 


    In terms of your other question - yes, would need to be able to look at them independently of each other. The comparison against the other stores would be used as part of a sales team function, whereas a marketing team function would be to look at the leads as a whole/by store. 


    Any help on where to start would be appreciated. I think when i've previously tried calculations in the data transformation side of things i've managed to make it strip out things from the dataset. 

    Each lead comes through with:

    detail about the lead (customer info)


    store name

    store size

    Time/Date submitted