Best of June 2015!


Greetings and apology for the delay in publishing our June blog, July's article will be published next week.


June was an exciting month as we deployed the Japanese section of the Dojo in coordination with a very successful customer event in Tokyo. New member registrations continue to grow and we are seeing strong engagement in the Dojo. This is particularly true in the Ideas exchange where have actively engaged our product management to review and update customer submitted ideas.


Now on to the leaders for June:


@swyatt led the top contributors posting 34 times, delivering 5 accepted solutions, receiving 16 likes and reading the most number of posts!!! Great job swyatt, thank you!!!


The following folks all delivered at least one solution during June, big thank you to @Brian_L, nalbright,KY and にしやん,  @nick_datasift@Godzilla and @rebekah!


@nalbright led the group by giving 24 likes during June. Other top like givers were @Jiro@RobynLinden, KY and にしやん.


Honorable mention goes to @Jiro, Brian_L RobynLinden, nalbright, @betogess and @Dan for posting at least 10 times.


にしやん received 15 likes while giving out 13, while @cmarkum received 11.


Thank you all for the wonderful collaboration in June.


Stay tuned for July's results coming next week.




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