Record Summary Numbers of all cards on a page


Is there a way to fetch all the summary numbers of cards on a single page and save them in a dataset?

My purpose here is to record all the summary numbers of these cards on to a single card for easier tracking and setting up of alerts.

If it helps, all summary numbers in question are numeric.


I looked up a Domo governance connector that is offered, but it does not pull the summary numbers of the cards.


  • camcusick_07
    camcusick_07 Domo Employee

    There is not a simple way to do this in Domo. So you would have to submit feedback the the product development team. If all the summary numbers are on the same dataset, then I will be possible, but it iwll take a few steps.


    You would have to go into each card and create a new column with a BeastMode. Name the Column Beastmode1 Beastmode 2 and so forth. That Bestmode will just be the value of your summary number. Make sure those calculations are shared on thedataset. Once you get all the new columns, you will create a new card and you will add in all of the new columsn you created in the previous cards. 





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