Error Updating Excel Sheet on Existing DataSet

I have a connection to an Excel Workbook. I changed the data in one field inside the excel workbook. When I refresh in Domo to "update" the data from the connection, the new data in the specific field does not update, and the old data in those fields remains. What do I need to do to make sure the data is properly updating?


  • Depending on the connector you chose (assuming the new File Uploader connector), there might be some schema settings you will have to update.


    If you're using the File Upload connector, I would walk through each step to make sure you're including the new column in your upload, and just to refresh any potential stale configurations.


    It doesn't sound like you're using this, but if you're uploading through the workbench, on the Settings page for the job you'll have to select "Allow Schema Changes" to allow for column changes to propagate. 

  • using File Uploader.

    Im not adding any new columns, or even rows.

    I am only updating data in existing field.

    When I update the data connection, using replace, DOMO does not recognize the data changes in those fields.

    Also, I tried a new data connection on file uploader Legacy, and deleted some rows in a data file, and updated that data connection, and the changes were not recognized in Domo.

  • Okay so I tested uploading an Excel sheet using both the legacy File Uploader and the new version, and both are behaving as you described, in that they don't update the data when it is re-run. Definitely a bug the Domo team should be aware of, if they aren't already.


    I would say in the interim, you can use the Workbench to upload your Excel files. We have a job that's been uploading an Excel sheet successfully for close to a year now so it's definitely working properly. And you can also set an update schedule as well, if that's important for your situation.

  • Thank you for your time and suggestions. Workbench is likely to be the solution. For now, I'll just drag/drop the new data into DOMO as a "manual update" process. I have tried workbench 4 in the past, but had issue where I was requiring admin rights to my pc too many times to keep it functional/operational, but I will try again now that ver. 5 is out. 

  • As far as workbench job updates go, it should run silently in the background of your PC (or server, depending on where it is installed), and only prompt you for admin rights when you start the application itself. But the application does not need to be open for your jobs to run and update, so long as the Workbench service is set to automatically start up.


    I imagine version 5 will behave the same way though. I'm sure there are ways around the prompting though, or at least ways to minimize the experience.