trying to handove workbenh uploads to someone else - errors


I have been using workbench for several months to update a domo table with some data, with no problems. I need to hand over this piece of work to my agency. 


I got our contact at the agency to download and autheticate workbench, plus I exported the dataset job and she imported it. 


However, when she tried to upload the data, she got an error saying: Response status code does not indicated success: 403 (forbidden)

When I now try to upload it I get this error message: An item with the same key has already been added


She can upload other datasets so it is not an issue with workbench as a whole for her. 

Similarly, I tried to create a new dataset job with the same settings and schema, but it just gave the same error when I tried to preview the source. 





  • NWolf
    NWolf Domo Employee

    The 403 error specifically has to do with permissions.
    Compare your security level to the security level of the other user in Domo. If they are different, or if you are the owner of the DataSet and their permission level isn’t high enough, they won’t be able to upload to that DataSet.
    The error “An Item with the same key has already been added” means there is a duplicate column somewhere in your data. You will need to isolate this and remove it to correct the problem.

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  • user03144

    Thanks - actually upgrading to Domo 5 solved all issues without any other intervention

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