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Hi Team,

I am new to DOMO and working on free trial version as need to understand DOMO platform in better way.

Can you please help me understand the features of DOMO what it could provide and what it could not , if you have it somewhere documented.

Also I need to understand the self service feature and the enterprise feature differences so that the cost cutting wise we could opt for the required version . 

It would be a great help if you could  also share the ratings which  I have mentioned in attached excel for the DOMO tool to have better decision making.


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    I'm not sure exactly what you're referencing when you say "Self service Domo" but the bulk of things in your document would be the same rating. Profession or Enterprise (current offerings on are mostly to do with limits on things like data storage, security, how often you can update data, etc. Your ratings are all things that pertain to Domo as a whole, if they are available they are available in both, Ex. Visualization & User Stories. All editions of Domo use the same card builder. Your question is a little too broad, we can't tell you if Domo is the right fit for your company. I'd recommend reading the documentation, read the Q&A here, test things out in your free trial, and talk to a Domo sales rep.

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