Best of November!



We had a pretty good month in November considering the Thanksgiving break! Thankful for all of our top contributors this past month.


Leading the way was @Valiant who delivered 8 solutions on 34 posts with 18 likes received and 5 likes given. He also achieved his Major Red Belt in the the Dojo and is one step closer to earning a Black Belt! 


No to be denied the next 3 superstars had strong months!

@NewsomSolutions delivered 3 solutions on 31 posts, 7 likes received and 8 likes given plus one new idea!

@ST_-Superman-_ delivered 3 solutions on 16 posts with 8 likes received, 7 likes given and 1 new idea

@AS delivered 3 solutions on only 12 posts receiving 8 likes while giving 1. @AS also earned his Major Red belt and is one step closer to earning his Black Belt in Dojo!


@Property_Ninja and @honda each had 2 solutions while each of the following members delivered one solution each: @rado98@DDalt@fieryknight@ken_hakodate@John-Peddle@user02916@colinr@user08688@user09494


@honda received 15 likes while generating 4 ideas.


@M3O4  posted 23 times receiving 53 likes and giving 12 likes and submitted 21 ideas!!!!


@WizardOz posted 10 times and submitted 4 ideas 


Thanks all for the great November and wishing everyone and great holiday season and New year as we close out 2018!







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