JIRA Issues with multiple 'Sprints' only showing one


I have an issue with the import of JIRA data. When importing issues with fields that contain multiple values (separated by comma), DOMO only reads one value - I think it only reads the last known value.


Especially when trying to create 'sprint reports' it is a problem because some issues get included in multiple sprints. Is there a way for us to capture all values in a field that could contain multiple values? 


Thanks in advance!


Data always only shows one 'sprint name'



Where some issues take a very long time and get moved from one sprint to the next, until finished.



  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hello WouterSchong,

    If your JIRA dataset is not importing all expected values, then I would advise getting in contact with your Domo account team for further support. You will need to provide a direct URL to the dataset in question, as well as a copy of the expected values from JIRA's side. I would expect the JIRA connector type to import all comma-separated values within that field.




    - Jarvis