Best of September 2018!


September was a good month and we had some exciting new leaders in the Dojo!


@Property_Ninja led the pack delivering 11 solutions on 40 post with 11 likes received and 8 likes given, great contribution!!!


Other top players were:

@AS delivering 9 solutions on 35 posts with 17 likes received and 13 likes given.

@Valiant delivering 9 solutions on 22 posts with 25 likes received and 2 given

@jstan led everyone with 25 likes received, delivering 5 solutions on 29 posts. He received 24 likes gave 14 and was the overall leader with 6 new Ideas! Awesome!

@ST_-Superman-_ delivered 3 solutions on 16 posts with 14 likes received 13 likes given

@swagner delivered 2 solutions on 15 posts with 12 likes received 10 likes given and 2 new ideas.


Great stuff everyone!

Other solution providers with one each were @Prajju@Billobi@meadow_ryan@user09776@Nikse@Godzilla@Sridhar@cmarutzky@user02986@Jsun82@user01688@WHM@frwern01@John-Peddle @pliu


Finally honorable mention to:

@Jeffsnake with 11 likes received and 5 new ideas, 

@SaiKumar with 3 new ideas and 8 likes received

@bakuden with new ideas and 2 likes received


Thanks everyone!



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