how to create a graph with 2 x-axis

Hi Domo peeps - 


I just want to ask, is there a way where we can show in a grouped graph 2 x-axis?


I would like to show 2 names in the X axis, namely the Owner and PE names

and in the Y axis the Sat Score and PE Sat score respectivley.


I can show the Sat score and PE Sat Score using the grouped bar graph

but it only shows the owner for the X axis.


I have attached the raw data I have in the dataset in DOMO




  • It may help to understand the relationship between the Owner and the PE.  It looks like the same owner can have multiple PE's and one PE can have multiple Owners.


    Does the PE Sat score reflect on both the PE and the owner?  If not, I would recommend structuring your data a little differently:

    Basically, you want to have a row for Type, Name, and Sat score.


    You should then be able to graph with a single bar.  Name on the x axis, score on the y axis and the series would be type.

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  • Hi ST_-Superman-_ - 


    basically, the row is the relationship. the Owner has his Score, and the PE has his own.


    I attached a sample view of what I want to see in DOMO.

  • Would creating a new field for name work for you?  I basically created the following beastmode:


    concat(`Owner`,' | ',case when `PE`='' then 'None' when `PE` is null then 'None' else `PE` end)


    This let me generate a chart like this:1.png




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  • this actually looked promising. But unfortunately, the draw back is, we couldn't average the scores per person.