Quickbooks Connector Error


Hi, I am getting an error while trying to connect using Quickbooks saying- 'Account Provided is invalid'

I have scheduled weekly updates to the Quickbooks report and this week none of the reports were updated displaying the above error message. I am getting the same error even when i try to pull a new report from QB too. What may be the issue and how can i resolve this?





  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    Hi Manasa,




    If your QB datasets were refreshing OK weekly in the past, but you're now seeing that error and are unable to create a new QB dataset, then it sounds like something on your account on the QB side may have changed.  I'd sit down with one of your QB Admins and have them show you the QB user profile settings that you're using in Domo as the account credential.  Make sure it's still active and able to be used by 3rd party connections.  (maybe even see if you can login with that credential directly to the QB website...if that fails, then there is the problem)  That's an additional permission not given to typical users of the website, so maybe it got turned off during a user audit or something.


    Good luck,