Best of August 2018!




With the summer months winding down remained a hot place to be!


@Valiant and @AS had some stellar activity leading all members.


@Valiant delivered 12 solutions on 35 posts, receiving 26 likes while giving 13!

@AS delivered 10 solutions on 29 posts, receiving 18 likes while giving 18!

Great work fellas!


@ST_-Superman-_ was also worthy of honorable mention delivering 6 solutions on 23 posts. He received 14 likes while giving 2 and posted 2 ideas.


Other solution providers in August were: @rado98 (3) @Property_Ninja and  @John-Peddle with 2 each while all of the following had one solution each: @lucywo@jlazerus@cwolman@DataSquirrel@jessdoe@Ashleigh @user05791 and @user02957.


Leading all ike givers was @mlhancock with 22! Wow!!!


Another top member receiving more than 10 likes was @mmanuzzi with 11 following our top solution providers above.


Ideas contributors 2 each @ST_-Superman-_@onoG@SEC with 2 each while all of the following submitted 1 idea each: @John-Peddle@jlazerus@cwolman@user02284@hawran@mmanuzzi@rahul93@user07138@user04225@Nick_Commisso_X,  @skaskakiz_IMJ@user02244 @mlhancock @mylee @ysb


Thanks all for a great month! September has already kicked off with a bang and a several successful user groups, more to come!







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