Close Rate Calculation




I need to create a formula field that is quite simple.


I need the close rates for my opporunities in Domo (have a salesforce connector) where "Number of Won Opps"/"Number of Transacions". These are number fields that sum up all the opps in each account that were won divided by all won + lost opps.


Could someone help me out here?




  • Valiant

    Do you already have the fields for number of won opps and number of transactions? If not, what fields in your dataset will allow you to tell if something has been won or not? (You can build a CASE WHEN statement to return on wins for the numerator and a straight count for the denominator).


    Otherwise all you need to do is when in your card Analyzer, at the bottom below the fields list on the let select 'Add Calculated Field'. From there you can search and double click the Number of Won Opps column add a divide symbol and then double click the number of transactions.


    Hopefully this will get you started, let me know if you have any questions,