Best of July 2018!




Summer holiday season heated up and our Dojo activity remained strong.


@Valiant led all members with 12 solutions on 53 posts. He received 29 likes while giving 10 and commenting on 4 ideas. Well done!!!


@AS and @rado98 delivered 4 solutions each while @AS posted 26 times receiving 10 likes while @rado98 posted 14 times and received 4 likes. Great job guys!


Other solution providers with 2 each were: @Property_Ninja and @cwolman. While all of the following had 1 solution each in July: @DataSquirrel@canio @KVincent @debbie_a @ST_-Superman-_ @trafalger @user02369 @user04324 Awesome work everyone!


Top liked authors with at least 10 each after @Valiant (29)  are @JakeD (22)  @DataSquirrel (14),  @AS (10)


A lot of great new ideas were posted in July. Leading the way were @Ashleigh (6) @M3O4 (5) and @JakeD (4) @DataSquirrel (4) 


Top like givers with 10 each @Valiant @Ashleigh and @Nick_Commisso_X.


Congratulations to all of our top contributors in July. August is well under way let's keep up the great collaboration and dialogue.




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