Twitter ad - Cant retrieve "Similar to Folloers (followers) of User" Segment


My end goal here is to retrive the list of targetting data relating to handles( ie, when an ad is targeted by a specefic I believe this is the "Similiar to followers of User" segment ( by the way Domo, your dropdown entry has a spelling mistake ).


I have tried returning this by Campaign, line segments and promoted tweets. None of the data returned contains any values to identify the segmentation. 


Im hoping Im just missing something here, but any help would be much appreciated.





  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hello ChrisMaybury!

    I would recommend cross-referencing the report type with the current documentation on this connector:



    If that doesn't help with mapping out the fields you need included within the dataset, then you may want to reach out to your Domo account team for further assistance.



  • ChrisMaybury

    Not sure if you can see something I cant, but this isnt in the documentation at all....


    I've also looked at the twitter api documentation after finding the Domo one lacking. Which lead me here!


    No problem, I will raise this with the account team as suggested.