Best of May 2018!


May was another strong month in the Dojo!

3 of our super stars really stood out!


@ST_-Superman-_ led the Dojo stars this month with 40 posts overall 

  • 9 solutions
  • 17 likes received
  • 6 likes given

@Valiant was not to be out done and led everyone with 10 solutions on 30 posts. He also received 25 likes while giving 9 



@AS delivered 8 solutions on 28 posts, receiving 10 likes and giving 6.



@rahul93 delivered 2 solutions on 13 posts while receiving 2 likes.

@honda posted 11 times and received 17 likes while posting 2 ideas and giving 8 likes

@ユーザー09489 posted 18 times, received 19 likes, gave 24 likes and posted 14 ideas in the Japanese Ideas Exchange!!!


Other solution providers in May with 2 each were: @John-Peddle &  @PodiumMason while each of the following delivered one solution each @cwolman@guitarhero23 @SEC @debbie_a


Honorable mention goes to @Ashleigh who posted 7 times, suggested 2 ideas, received 5 likes while giving 6 likes.

Thanks and keep up the great dialogue in the Dojo!




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