Sorting Series AND Date (X Axis)

I'm trying to have the series' legend sorted alphabetically (which almost every other system automatically does) AND show the dates on the X axis in order (January before February before March...) (which should be pretty standard). 

I can't seem to figure this out. My chart either sorts the legend alphabetically but puts the months in random order, or it puts the dates in order but doesn't sort the series. 

Any thoughts? Thanks


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    Anyone can help out with this request?



  • You should be able to move multiple fields into the "Sorting" section of the analyzer.  If you put your data field first and then add your series under it, does that accomplish what you want to do?  Can you show me a screenshot of your analyzer if you are still having trouble?

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  • Thanks ST_-Superman-_,


    I tried it both ways, sorting by the data series first and then by date (this puts the series in alphabetical order, but the months are Feb, mar, Jan, Apr, May, Jun) and the other way around, date first and then by the data series. That puts the months in the right order, but the series is not in alphabetical order. See below. 






    Thank you. 

  • Is your Date field formatted as a Date?  I'm sorry, I couldn't view the image that you attached.

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