When will we be able to gather the result of a DataFusion via the API?


Due to concurrency issues, we are unable to use DataFlows to update our final combined data.  Thus we must use DataFusions to do so.  However, there is no way to reach the result of that DataFusion via the API.  


In other words, the DataFusion doesn't create a DataSet - only a data card.  Cards can't be accessed via the API, nor can non-existent DataSets.


Does anyone know if Domo has a remedy for this coming, any time soon?


  • zcameron
    zcameron Domo Employee



    The data for a DataFusion can be accessed via the dataset API. The query for the fusion is run as the data is requested and is then returned through the API. 


    Just to be sure, I tested it again just now and was able to pull the results of a DataFusion with no trouble using the API endpoint:





    I hope that helps!

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