Best of February 2018!


Apology for the delay in publishing this Blog!


February was a great month leading up to Domopalooza.


@Valiant took top honors i almost every category with 

26 solutions on 43 posts, 42 likes received and 42 given! he also threw in a couple of ideas for good measure, outstanding!


Other top solution providers were @AS (6), @PodiumMason (3), @RGranada (3) @jhl (3), @ST_-Superman-_ (2), @Tomo (2), @IVG (1) , @John-Peddle (1), @mindbender (1), @user01073 (1), @mc1392 (1), @user00820 (1) @Randyb (1) @user04417 (1) @user07652 (1)  Thank you!


Other top like leaders were @Tomo@APBatten @ysb @TK @ユーザー07557 all with at least 10 likes received.


Top ideas were offered by @APBatten@Tomo @Valiant @user09486 @TK @ysb @Wenling_Zhen @mfascioli @Casey_F


Thanks all for a great month!



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