How to count rows without returning all the rows in a dataset


I can call 


and this wil give me the metadata for the dataset as well as all the rows.

If the dataset is big, this can take some time and sometime never return.  So how can I just return the number of rows in a dataset.

The column name is not always the same, for the dataset can be changed out.  Is there a generic 0 or 1 or 2 for the column names 

or a call that just returns the metadata, no actuall rows of data.




  • lucywo
    lucywo Member

    Hey there,


    Can you narrow down your case ? like are you importing a csv file, connecting with a connecter?


    If the count of row is not in your orginial dataset, then you need to write in Beast Model or build a ETL or write some SQL.


    Let me know.

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