Qualtrics Dashboard App Installation Guide

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App Name: Qualtrics Dashboard


Publisher Information


Publisher Name: Bryant Baird
Support Email: bryantabaird@gmail.com
Support Phone: (208) 691-0716
Support Web Address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryantabaird



Standard DataSet Information  


App DataSet NameConnector NameConnector Report Name
Qualtrics Surveys Qualtrics Surveys
Qualtrics [Survey Name*] Questions Qualtrics Survey Questions
Qualtrics [Survey Name*] Responses Qualtrics Survey Responses


* App User must create two new datasets for each Question/Response pair for each survey that they would like to appear on their Qualtrics Dashboard. These will be used in the ETL steps below.


Implementation Step


At this time, the provided Qualtrics Beta Connectors do not associate the given Survey Name or Survey ID with a particular question and its corresponding response set. As such, in order to combine all of the survey questions and survey responses together, the App User must create an ETL script that will add two columns to the data (Survey Name and Survey ID). combine all of the survey questions and survey responses into their own respective datasets (Qualtrics Survey Questions and Qualtrics Survey Responses).

Let's walk through an example that will add 3 surveys and its responses:

Step 1: In your data center, navigate to the DataFlows section, and select New DataFlow from the upper right.

Step 2: We will be creating a new ETL DataFlow. Select Magic ETL


New DataFlow.png

Step 3: On the left hand menu, we will create a new Input Dataset (found under Datasets). Drag a new input Dataset to the visual editor.

Step 4: Select the Input Dataset that came from the Qualtrics Connector and the Survey Responses Report Name. If you followed the convention above, it should be named "Qualtrics [Survey Name] Responses". Once added, repeat this process until all of the Input Datasets have been added.


Step 5: Select the Edit Columns dropdown from the left, and move an Add Constants block to correspond with each Input Dataset. We will be adding 2 columns (constants) to the data.


Step 6: Name the columns "Survey Name" and "Survey ID" (no quotations), make each column type as "Text", and provide the Survey Name and Survey ID. The Survey IDs can either be found in your Qualtrics account or in the Qualtrics Connector under the "Surveys" report, if needed.


Step 7: Now, we will combine the data into a single table. In the left menu, under Combine Data, add an Append Rows block to the visual editor, and link all of the three datasets into this block.


Step 8: In the Append Rows block, be sure to include All Columns, since the 3 datasets should be essentially identicial in terms of structure. If one of your datasets says that there will be changes, be sure to verify that the datasets have matching column names and data types.

Step 9: Finally, add the Output Dataset from the left menu under Datasets. Name the dataset as "Qualtrics Survey Responses", and Save the new ETL Dataflow.


Step 10: Finally, repeat Steps 1-9 with the Qualtrics [Survey Name] Questions data to make a similar combined table for the question data. Be sure to name the Output Dataset as "Qualtrics Survey Questions" for this ETL Dataflow.

After running these and subsequent Dataflows, the Qualtrics Dashboard will be ready for you to view and analyze your data!

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