How do I format the legend in a bar graph?

I have a card with a bar graph that shows:

X Axis: Interventions

Y Axis: Average Score of each intervention (0, 1, 2, 3)

Series: Interventions


This produces an average score for each intervention. The Value Scale (Y) is set to 0, 1, 2, 3 and the Category Scale (X) lists each intervention. The legend on the right simply lists all of the categories (inteventions) and I want it to describe the Value Scale (i.e., 0= unable; 1=prompting required; 2=indpendent attempt; 3=independent success).  


How do I change the legend to reflect the value scale? The legend options do not offer help.



  • Hi,

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • Hi, 

    You would want the value scale in the series section. 
    Let me know if this works out.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. In the analyzer - Series Calculation, I only get Count or No Aggregation since my variable ("Interventions") is nominal and changing between them does not change the legend. Unless I am looking in the wrong place?

  • Remove interventions and drag AVG score into the series section. That should do it.

  • Thanks Rahul


    When I remove interventions from the series, I now get a different legend, however it just indicates the duplicated "Average" score of interventions. I see how changing the series will alter the legend, but I am trying to create a legend that describes what the scores mean (1,2,3) by which the interventions are scored. 

  • A question is the Avg score a field or or are you averaging the score? 

    If its a field then you can use a beast mode like this : 

    Case when `AVG SCORE` = 1 then 'your_text' when `AVG_SCORE` = 2 then 'your_text_for_this_score' ................... end 

    add this in your series section. 

    Let me know if you are applying the average function to the score.




  • Ooh - getting closer. 

    My data source is a spreadsheet with 6 columns:

    Date of Session - Modality of Treatment - Class of Intervention - Type of Intervention - Intervention - Score


    There will be 15-20 interventions per session date, and each get a score that day, based on how well the client implements said intervention. In my card, I am graphing the Interventions along the X axis and `Score` for the Y axis value. The averaging comes from the drop down (pencil) on the Y axis value along the top of the chart.


    I created the beast mode you suggested and can get the legend I want on the right of the graph now! But, now the bars are not showing one average score for each intervention across all sessions - since the Score field is per intervention each session and averaged within DOMO and not a field itself.  Would you suggest that I Magic ETL this data set so that it produces an Average Score field and enter it that way?

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