Grouped Bar with Line Graph when series in multiple columns


Hi all, 


I know that the Grouped Bar with Line Graph requires one column for each of the "series", X axis, Y axis


I have the following table:

Date; Operation type; Operation amount; Rate

3/28/2018; Withdrawal; 1,000; 4%

3/29/2018; Deposit; 800; 3%


What I have built is a grouped bar with shows the following:


But I also want to see the line above the chart showing what was the rate on each date.


Please help 


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    Chips Domo Employee

    In a Line + Grouped Bar visual the Line will be the data you present as the "Y-Axis" value.


    If I am understanding your example correctly, you should be able to choose the "Line + Grouped Bar" visual, then put the Rate measure as your "Y-Axis", then Withdrawal measure as your first Series, Deposit measure as your second. 


    Give that a shot and let me know how it goes!



    Domo Consultant

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  • Thanks a lot!


    I did as you have instructed but it didn't work.

    Putting a rate as the Y-Axis doesn't make it as a line above the chart.

    Additionally, as it could be seen from the data table in the first message, I have the only one column for both deposits and withdrawals measures.

    Here is what I'm looking for (attached)


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