Is it possible to use beast mode functions to set maximum values on gauge cards?



I am building a filled gauge card where I would like to show as a maximum value the total number of members in a gym and, as the current value, the number of those members who are using a training plan. The problem is that I also need to include a few filters (to exclude employees and inactive members for example), so when I try to set as COUNT(member_id) as target value, those filters are also applied to the target value, actually making it match the current value. Is there a way to override those filters for the target value or of using a beast mode calculation such as COUNT(member_id) to set the maximum value?


  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?




  • rahul93
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    You can create another column that has the count(member_id) for all members in all records. Now, for the target value you can use a max on this new field.


    You cannot do this using a beast mode as the filters will apply to all the fields/records in the card and therefore will also affect the beast mode. 

  • Thanks for th answer, this is exactly what I thought would happen with a beast mode. Thanks again!

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    No Problem!

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