Error when using API to create a new user




I am trying to automate creating new users in DOMO by leveraging our active directory. I have it build to grab the user information when they are created in Active Directory and put it into JSON format and pass it through the API to create the user.


It worked fine 3-4 weeks ago when tested and now that I am trying to turn it on again I get the following error:


Expected field separator [=] not found in line 1. Your data must appear as YOUR_FILED_NAME=YOUR_VALUE


Has the format for how the data should be passed to DOMO through the API changed? I verified that the format of the body of my message in the API matches the documentation for the API.



Steve Rosehill


  • laura_igl

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?



  • SteveRosehill
    Yes, I was able to get the answer I needed on this issue. Turns out that I was ending up with improperly formated data when it was being passed to the API. I fixed the formatting on my end and it worked fine. Thanks! Steve Rosehill
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