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Hi, is there a way for alerting the user with the actual change vs. alerting with a generic message. Here is the usecase: When an item crosses $X sales, it will show up as an additional row in the domo card, and the alert triggers indicating that the number has increased by one. Is there any way the alert email includes what the new row added is? Currently everytime i get an email saying number increased by one, i will have to go to the domo card and check what the new item is which seems like a hassle that can be avoided if the email alert tells me what the new value is that triggered the alert. 


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    Alert functionality is driven on the card type and settings. For example, a table card can only track changes to the summary number and so it is the only element that can be alerted for. Bar charts can track changes to values for the x/y axis and/or series. There is a balance to getting a card built right such that it will allow you to alert the value you want to see.


    Often the card you use on the dashboard is not built the right way for alerting. In these cases you'll have to create a second card for the alert. It might not even be useful as a visual, but it is set up to be useful for alerts.


    I work with a lot of company's Domo setup and have seen many pages that are "Alert Cards" that aren't on the end user dashboard, but trigger alerts.


    Then customize the message to give details reminding you what the alert was for, why you care, and what you should do about it. This can include the values from the key settings in the card.

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