value mapper not working


I'm trying to use the value mapper to change the names of sales agents in a cloumn in an attempt to gather them under a general title. For example I want "Sales Agent - John Smith" changed to " Inside Sales Rep". The problem I'm having is that the Value Mapper is working for some, but not others. I've triple-checked the mapping rules and it isn't a typo causing the issue. Here's an example of a value it is not working for : Agent Unassigned,


But, it is working on values like "CMH Sales - Pat Murphy"


Any help would be appreciated. 




  • Valiant

    Do the values that fail to map all have characters like that comma in them?


    If so you might be able to do something like the below. Possibly use a Replace Text option using the RegEx check box and replace the comma with empty string. Then it may process your value mapping correctly.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.11.49 PM.png

    If that doesn't work, perhaps you could give a few more examples of the working and non-working values and we may be able to better tell what's going on.


    Hope this helps,



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