Best of December 2017!




We closed out 2017 with a strong finish and @RGranada led all members with 5 solutions delivered on only 5 posts!!! He also received 6 likes.


@AS delivered 3 solutions on 18 posts receiving 18 likes while @ST_-Superman-_ delivered 2 solutions on 12 posts receiving 5 likes.


@DataSquirrel led all members in posts with 31 while receiving 14 likes and solving one thread. he also generated 10 ideas. Well done!!!


Other solution providers this month with 1 each were @John-Peddle@Tomo@mc1392@WHM@Randyb@Echelon@Godzilla@yakepon@user01052@user08823@JRod@Godiepi and @josho909.


Thank you all!


Honorable mention for likes received were @ユーザー07557 (26) @Valiant (16), @ishika

(15) and @tleong (10)


Thank you all for a great year end!

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