Tables doubled up in PPT export

Is anyone else having an issue with doubled up tables in PPT exports? This has only been since the update on Tues., and I was wondering if it's related to the update, or something on my end. Thanks!


  • I did some testing at both the card and page level and haven't been able to reproduce this issue on any of my table cards in our environment. 


    It may be worth reaching to Domo Support if you haven't already to see if they can take a look.

  • Here's a visual of what I'm talking about. After I export my cards into PPT, the table looks like this:



    However, it's actually two tables, and when you go to move one, it looks like this:




    So it's actually doubling the table on the PPT slide after exporting.

  • Ahh... I went back to my exports and indeed, when you move the table as it appears there is a second hiding behind it, identical to the first.


    Good catch! It does appear to be reproducible.