Development Operations and Marketing Positions Open in NYC (Michael J Fox Foundation)


Hi there!


The Michael J Fox Foundation has two Senior Analyst positions open based in NYC. The first role will focus on revenue analytics. The second role will support the marketing efforts of the foundation. We'd love to have you apply!


MJFF is on a mission to cure Parkinson's disease outright. It's tackling this by funding cutting edge Parkinsons research at the most critical phase of the research lifecycle (for instance: we recently partnered with SpaceX and the International Space Station).


The business side of the Foundation is equally innovative. Former entrepreneurs, bankers, and other business saavy folks make sure the foundation is run as effectively as possible. This is where the senior analysts roles come in: we need your help in scaling the business thanks to your analytical prowess.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Revenue Analytics

Marketing Analytics



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