Best of November 2017!




We had another strong month in November!


Several members had very strong contributions:


@RGranada 9 solutions on 23 posts with 16 likes received

@ST_-Superman-_ 7 solutions on 24 posts with 11 likes received

@AS 7 solutions on 23 posts with 15 likes received

@jhl 3 solutions on 16 posts 


All of the following contributed one solution each in Dojo:

@DataSquirrel@mmanuzzi@Sweep_The_Leg@AshfordLC@mylee@user05091@jim_inx@Godiepi@ryker and @user04700


Thank you all for creating GREAT content!

@DataSquirrel led all members with 39 posts for the month, 12 ideas, 13 likes given while receiving 5 likes.


Our top liked authors in addition to the solution leaders

 @Tomo (32), @Ishizaka (29), @honda (19), @Valiant (16), @prpage (10), @mmanuzzi (14) 


Other top idea leaders were: @ishika (8) @Tomo (3) @mmanuzzi (2) 


Thanks everyone and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday season and New Year!




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