Confused about Min/Max/Avg and calculated lines


Many of the bar and line chart types include Min/Max/Avg and calculated settings in the "Gridlines" property area. But, as far as I can figure, these settings don't apply to most of these card types. Or something.  


Many of our charts can benefit from chart-level ines, including min, max, mean, median, and goal.


Is there a primer or feature grid that explains:


  • Which chart types support Min/Max/Avg Lines.
  • Which chart types support calculated lines.
  • Any preconditions that must be met to use these lines.
  • Any conflicts (like an extra series) that render these lines unworkable?

Ideally, all of the line and bar charts would support all of these lines. At the moment, I haven't figured out the pattern as to when they do/don't work. If someone can break it down (or miss to a clear and detailed explanation in the docs), it would save me some time and frustration. 


Thanks very much.


  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Jaketh13
    Jaketh13 Contributor

    @DataSquirrel I don't know that there's a list currently of which chart types have automatically calculated mins, maxs, and avgs, but they're generally meant to be available only on charts where it makes sense. For example, a running total bar graph wouldn't make sense with max/min/avg (max is always last, min is always first, and avg wouldn't tell you anything meaningful relative to the graph). Same with the charts that work off of a percentage of total like the Pareto, 100% Stacked Bar or Percent of Total charts. Any charts that use two different scales or overlap values (Nested Bar) wouldn't work with max/min/avg because there wouldn't be a clear indication of which values they're calculating the max/min/avg for (an enhancement request for that could possibly result in Domo making up a creative way to designate which is which though if you feel inclined to submit it).


    Do you have any specific examples of chart types where you would like to see max/min/avg?

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