Difference Between View Count on Card Statistics and Views on Domo Metrics Datasets


I'm hoping someone can clarify this for me.  I am finding discrepancies between the total card views being reported at the bottom of cards under the statistics section vs what is being reported by the DomoMetrics dataset "Card Usage with Datasource and Owner Information".  In one case, the discrepancy shows a card having 1000+ views (In the live card) vs 26 in the View Count Column of the dataset.  Is the view count under the DomoMetrics data set more restrictive in terms of what triggers a "View" vs the "Views" reported at the bottom of the cards in our Domo Instance


  • AS

    The newest card count model seems to display at the bottom of the card the total count of all views from any source, including page view.  That's different than clicking on a card and viewing it in isolation.  I think DomoMetrics counts reflect the latter. 

    That's my non-authoritative, educated guess.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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