Dynamic goal line help


I've been exploring Domo's goal line support today and have some questions:


  • Is there an article or something on how to easily and reliably set dynamic goal lines? 

  • Is there a list of chart types that support custom goal lines through the "general" chart settings dialog?

  • Is there a list of chart types that have goal lines build-in, like Bullet Graphs? 

Those are the questions I've come up with, below is more detail about what I'm doing, what I've tried, and what I'm trying to accomplish.


I Like Goal Lines. A lot.

First off, I like the general idea - comparing these two small-scale charts shows why:












It's the same data and the same chart, but the goal line makes it easy to answer a question at a glance: How are we doing? The answer is right there and it's legible at a small scale. So, I'm all in on goal lines. 


Card Goal Lines are Static, We Need Dynamic Goal Lines

By default, goal lines are a property of a card, either set in the goal field for the y-axis and/or in the chart's general properties. We need dynamic goal lines. Even if the value is the same across all dates/data for a card, we'll be reusing cards with PDP and over time. Either way, goals will change between months, years, and groups. So, we need goal lines to come from the data not the card. 



I've been trying to sort out how to do this and am a bit befuddled. I can see that there are a lot of similar questions going back years. For example:


Goal adjusts when filter applied

Dynamic goal line

How do I create a Beast Mode to represent a static number(goal) for each month?

Running Total Stacked Bar + Line chart type


I've reviewed these (and other questions) and did manage to build a custom goal line:












(I just dummied up a calculated field to plot, it's not real data.) Now I run into my problems. My original chart is a Stacked Bar with a pretty simple configuration: a count on a field and a series to split out the blue and green bars:





That's it, very easy. But a Stacked Bar chart doesn't support the chart options for a data-driven goal line. So, I've shifted to a Stacked Bar + Line. It doesn't plot the same way at all.


  • The goal line has to be set as the y-axis. Why?

  • Unlike the Stacked Bar, I have to use a Beast Mode to split my count values by my series values. If this is true, it makes this approach a non-starter in many cases. We can't always anticipate all of the 'break' conditions. In my simple test case, there are only two possible values in the break series, so it works.
    At least with a Beast Mode column, the Analyzer spits the dummy a lot. I ended up with this error freqno_aggregate_on_beast.pnguently:

 Setting the y-axis aggregation to AVG seemed to fix the problem, but I don't think that was the real problem. I think it was just chance that it worked when I happened to select that option.


Goal-oriented Chart Types

The other week I stumbled across Domo's Bullet Graph, which has Goal as a first-order chart element. It's a helpful chart type. Are there other chart types that are designed to show progress towards a goal, other than gauges and other single-value charts?


Thank you.



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