How to identify the Field name for "Date Range" on Card for user without Analyzer Access?


Hi All,


Is it possible to check the Field Name (Dimensions) on which the "Date Range" has been applied for a card for the users that do not have Admin Access and can not use Analyzer to check the Date Range field name?


It created a lot of confusion most of the time as users do not know on which field they are applying the filter condition.


  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor



    One possibility would be clicking on the one part of the x-axis and the in the consequent drill there will be presented a filter with the same field used on that axis (This would work if your x-axis and "date Range" field are the same, which often happens).



    Maybe it fulfills your needs.


    Hope this helps.


    Ricardo Granada 


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  • Hi Ricardo,


    Thank you for your response. However, this possibility is not true because

    1) It is limited to only cards which has the "X-Axis" with a date field. and

    2) Even though the X-Axis is based on Date Field user do not know that the "Date Range" Field is same as that of the "X-Axis" Field. 

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