Best of October 2017!




October was another excellent month in Dojo which highlighted our most successful Domo Dojo Day!


@RGranada led the way again with a super month; 16 solutions on 79 posts, 24 likes received, 16 likes given and 4 Idea comments. Well done!!!


The other solution providers were @jhl (7), @ST_-Superman-_ (6), @Valiant (3), @AS, @VictorReyes & @Tatyana_K all with 2 each.


All of the following delivered one solution each! @smaiolo, @Tomo, @AshfordLC, @jwilson, @PeterC, @claudecyrill, @guitarhero23, @Mitto, @user03788, @Casey_F, @cmarutzky, @canio, @DataMaven, @Micah, @TDaily @CJ @PEAKS_valleys.


THANK YOU all!!!


Top posters (more than 10) after @RGranada (79) were @ST_-Superman-_(37) @jlazerus (35), @Chronos (30), @jhl(28), @Valiant (21), @AS (20), @jman0527 (18) @nlonkai (17), @Randyb (11), @VictorReyes (11), @kbota( 10) and @smaiolo (10


Top liked authors: @Tomo(46), @VictorReyes(36), @ST_-Superman-_ (31) , @skaskakiz_IMJ (28), @Valiant (26), @RGranada (24) @Echelon (10), @prpage (10), @tleong (10)


Likes given: @jhl led everyone with 32 likes given


Idea leaders: @skaskakiz_IMJ (6), @AS, @prpage @onoG, @EdgarChieng all with 3 each!


Keep up the great dialogue!!


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