Does Domo support dot plots?


I'm new to Domo and still getting acquainted with its features. I've been reviewing the amazing array of available chart types, but I'm not finding "dot plots". I don't mean scatter plots of bubble charts, I mean dot plots as an alternative to bars or stacked bars:


I don't know if it's as true for other people as it is for me, but I've always found bar charts realatively hard to interpret accurately. The key point tends to be the top of the bar, but the visual weight of the bar itself has a lot of gravity. This is exactly the issue that dot plots address. They reduce the ink on the graph without reducing the data and, in fact, make trends very easy to see with zero ink. It's also easier (at least for me) to spot when series swap rank over time/category.


Does Domo support dot plots and I've just missed it? Perhaps a different name is used for this plot type? (I won't be shocked to learn this is the case, I'm pretty stunned at the huge range of options alraedy on offer.) If it isn't a suported chart type, what's the best way to make a feature request? Rendering a dot plot is pretty much like a lollipop but with less work (and less ink.) I see that Domo has solid lollipop support already.




  • DataSquirrel

    I've now found the symbol charts in the "other charts" section, and these are a form of dot plot. I'd like to be able to control the circles used on the plot, but I think that is the sort of topic that goes on the Ideas forum.

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