Best of September 2017!




September continues to be solid month!


@RGranada and @Valiant were two significant leaders for the month.


@RGranada delivered 11 solutions on 47 posts, received 24 likes, while giving 9 likes

@Valiant delivered 9 solutions on 39 posts, received 18 likes while giving 10 likes and commented on 3 ideas!


Great job guys!!!


Other top solution providers were @ST_-Superman-_ (6). @AS (5), @user07995 (3), @rahul93 (2) while all of the following folks delivered one solution each in September: @Tomo@Mitto@Godzilla@VRIndy@shaanarora@mpoudel and @cwalliser


Thank you all for the great posts!


Our top liked authors with at least 10 likes received were @RGranada (24), @frwern01 (20), @DataMaven (15), @mmanuzzi (15) , @ManseauN (15), @swagner (13), @Kurbz (10) 


Our top likes given members were: @Hua (19), @user07995 (18), @RobynLinden (16), @Kurbz (15), @DataMaven (13), @dean_pangelinan (12). 


Our top ideas contributors:  @frwern01 (5), @Kurbz (4), @DataMaven (3), @mmanuzzi (3), @swagner (2), @Echelon (2).while each of the following submitted one idea each:  @AS@Tomo@bstrau@tiffanywijaya@user09004@Hua@Sweep_The_Leg@SEC@dean_pangelinan@htran@Tatyana_K@James_Thoma@user06345


Thanks everyone for an awesome month!

Finally I hope you are enjoying the new Dojo Interface, keep up the great conversations!!!



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