Best of August 2017!


My apology for the delay in publishing this month;s blog as we have been very busy designing and deploying the new UI for Dojo.


August was a very strong month!


Leading the way in August was @RGranada who had a great month with 50 posts, 11 solutions, 30 likes received, 22 likes given and 1 idea posted. Congratulations!!!


Other top solution authors in August: @ST_-Superman-_ (5), @AS@Valiant & @mpoudel delivered 4 each, @Tomo (3), @guitarhero23 & @Godiepi 2 each, @nruts36 @jonathanlooker @DamienSmith @Medinacus @amycaroline @SameerSuman & @byusteve all with one each.

Congratulations folks and well done.


Top liked authors in August : @DomoTyro was the overall leader with 34 likes received while all of the following received at least 10 each @RGranada@AS@Kurbz@Valiant @DomoTyro @frwern01 @swagner @SeanPT @Doc 


Thanks everyone for a great month, let's keep the momentum going!


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