New Dynamically Based Range Scale Markers - outlier fill?

swagner Contributor

I'm reviewing the Sept Release Notes, and can't figure out how to do outlier fill with the new dynamically based range scale markers.  In the Adding Scale Markers to Your Chart knowledge base document, the card example given in the intro shows fill color for the "normal" range of data as green, and the red for fill area of points outside the normal range.  I cannot find how to set the fill property for the red portion.




  • Valiant

    I also wasn't able to find how to do this. It almost looks like a new Peak-to-Peak area fill, but I'm not seeing an easy way to do this. I'll be interested to see if there is a solution.


    Nice catch

  • Thanks for the feedback, I will have our Education team take a look at our documents on this topic.

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